Session Chair Guidelines

Session Chair Guidelines for IN-PERSON Sessions

Thanks for agreeing to serve as a Session Chair for a session at the 2021 HPS Hybrid Annual Meeting. You have an important role to play in making the hybrid meeting format work well for the presenters in your session. We recognize that with a hybrid event, there is more coordination and effort this year for everyone involved, and we appreciate your time and effort to help make this conference run smoothly.

The format for in-person talks is that the presenter will upload their talk in the Speaker Ready Room (North 223, Phoenix Convention Center) in Phoenix. These talks will be live streamed out to the virtual attendees, and they will be presented in the meeting room just like normal years. All presentations will be loaded onto the laptop in the session room.

The speaker will go to the podium and click on their presentation. Once they have opened it, they will select “share screen” in SignalWire, then select the “window” tab and select the PowerPoint presentation. If the presentation has any audio or video that needs to be hear, make sure the “share audio” button in the lower left corner of the share screen is selected . A second Room name will appear in the list of attendees that will need to be unmuted. Go back to PowerPoint and launch the presentation and present as you normally would.

When they are finished with the presentation, click “stop sharing” button in the bottom of the screen on the PC on the podium, then close the PowerPoint presentation.

If you have a virtual presenter in your session, they will need to unmute their audio and video then they need to follow the steps above to share their presentation. There will be a student in the room to make sure that the presentations are being seen virtually and in the rooms. They will also monitor questions that come in via chat.

There are a few presentations that are being pre-recorded that will need to be played on the laptop in the meeting room. The share screen instructions above should be followed.

If there are schedule changes after you have checked in, an updated schedule will be brought to the meeting room and placed on the speaker’s podium before the session begins. If there are announcements to be made, those will be brought to you or placed on the podium before your session begins.

Rules of engagement:.

  • 1. Arrive at the meeting room at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. Introduce yourself to the Student Volunteer. They are there to assist you. The student volunteer can help you switch to the next presenter in the SignalWire Platform.
  • 2. Please direct any concerns regarding the meeting room to Jennifer Rosenberg, the Meetings Director or to the Registration desk. She can contact the venue about temperature adjustments, need for extra chairs, etc.
  • 3. Please make it a priority to STAY ON TIME!
  • 4. Run your session on real time. The clock starts ticking even if the PowerPoint presentation is sputtering and the presenter is lamenting, "It worked last night on my computer." Remember, people are dashing between sessions, and all sessions should be running on the same schedule.
  • 5. The time of the talk includes the moderator's introduction; this does not add time to their talk time! If a talk is cancelled in your session, DO NOT go ahead and introduce the next talk. Take a break or take questions for the previous speakers, then start again with the next scheduled talk. Do not move a paper scheduled later in the session in order to end the session early.
  • 6. To keep on time, stand up at 12 minutes to signal speaker to wrap up their talk; go towards the speaker at 14 minutes; pull them off the stage at 15 min. Tell the speakers that you will go through these stages.
  • 7. The speaker needs to leave time for questions; if not, NO questions are allowed.
  • 8. If there is time for questions, and the audience does not ask a question, be prepared to ask one yourself. This often kick-starts audience questions. The student volunteer can ask the questions from the virtual attendees that are in the chat. Please remind speakers to repeat any questions asked so virtually attendees can hear the questions.
  • 9. Please keep track of no-show presentations in your session (these are speakers who have failed to notify us of their cancellation 24-hours prior to the start of the meeting.) If there are other notes you wish to make on the schedule about your session, please do so. Return any comments to the registration desk.

Resources on how to lead an inclusive session. Thank You!