The main themes of the scientific program, “Meeting Challenges in the Practice of Radiation Protection,” will be developed within the topic areas presented below.

    Scientific Basis of Health Physics
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Epidemiology of radiation exposure

  • Characterization of Radiation Exposures
  • External dosimetry
  • Internal dosimetry
  • Environmental and wildlife dosimetry
  • Instrumentation and measurements
  • Nonionizing radiation/5G

  • Applied Health Physics
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Medical health physics
  • Veterinary health physics
  • Military health physics
  • Environmental health physics
  • Natural radioactivity
  • Space radiation
  • Disasters in health physics

  • Regulations and Communications
  • Regulatory issues
  • Communications with the public

  • Homeland Security and Emergency Response

    Reasonableness in Health Physics

    Health Physicists’ Response to a Pandemic

    Controversies in medical health physics

    Refresher Courses
  • Early career
  • Professional

  • IRPA 2024 Teaser

Awards to be presented

  • Young Scientist
  • Senior Scientist