Charlotte Mangum Student Support Program

Deadline: October 15, 2021

This year, the housing allocation for the Mangum program will be different from previous years. We aim to decrease the numbers of students in rooms to improve COVID safety. SICB will also experiment with funding models that give additional control of roommate decisions to students. This will give students more flexibility and make it easier for students to room with a colleague they know and, in particular for this year, with whom they share expectations related to COVID safety measures.

If you choose the housing option, each awarded student will pay $75 for half of one hotel room, which covers the entire stay. We are not pairing roommates this year due to covid - you are welcome to share with another person (Mangum or not). If you choose not to have a roommate, or if the roommate is not a Mangum-supported student, the other half of the room rate will be paid for by you/your roommate. If you share your room with another Mangum student, then SICB will pay the hotel directly for the room minus the $75/student.

If you choose the housing option, you will need to sign up using the hotel link (coming soon) - SICB will only pay for Mangum housing for those that use this link. We know that some attendees may not know others with whom they might share a room. If you are in this situation, we will try to help you connect with others also looking for a roommate.

Any inquiries can be directed to Raelene Sok via e-mail at

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