The 89th Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physical Anthropologists
15-18 April 2020 - Los Angeles, California

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Tours: (Pre-registration until Feb. 27 only)

Technical Tour: Bones Clones Facility (Wed. 1-3:30pm)
Bone Clones, Inc. is the premier osteological replication company specializing in precise casts of modern human skeletons, fossil hominid skeletons, modern animal skeletons and fossil animal skeletons. For over 25 years, Bone Clones® have been the leading osteological reproductions used in museums, universities, medical schools and other educational institutions.
In our continued effort to provide the academic and scientific community with the finest in osteological replicas, we are proud to participate in local events in schools, universities and museums in Southern California as part of community outreach. This year we have the pleasure of hosting a AAPA group tour—we hope to see you here!
This event is FULL.

Technical Tour: La Brea Tar Pits (Wed. 12:30-5:00pm)
The La Brea Tar Pits visit will explore the science of paleontology through behind-the-scenes tours of the Excavation Site, Fossil Lab, and Collections.
At the excavation site, we will get a close-up look at Project 23, an ongoing, year-round excavation of Late Pleistocene (‘Ice Age’) fossils, as we talk with the paleontological excavators about the techniques involved in extracting fossils from these asphaltic (‘tar’-saturated) deposits.
The Fossil Lab visit will include an in-depth presentation on the work conducted in this space, showcasing the variety of fossils found through the microfossil sorting stations, as well as the various methods involved in fossil preparation and conservation that are required before transferring the material to the collections team for accessioning.
The opportunity to access the Collections space with a walk-through by one of the Collections Managers will provide insight into how a collection of over 3.5 million fossils are managed, maintained and catalogued, with additional discussion around the technique of 3D surface scanning and how this can assist in the preservation of data and the distribution of 3D models for research and educational purposes.
These behind-the-scenes tours will be complimented with a visit to the exhibitions and the screening of the 3D movie, Titans of the Ice Age, which will give additional context to the tours.
This event is FULL.

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