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    SSAR/HL Student Social

    2021-07-23   17:15 - 18:15

    Please join us on July 23rd at 5:15 pm for the chance to meet officers, editors and committee chairs from SSAR and HL as well as win “door prizes” in a raffle! Following a welcome and brief introductions (use the SignalWire link for JMIH) you will be able to “wander” around Kumospace rooms (link to be provided when we meet in SignalWire) to meet with professional herpetologists to discuss a variety of topics, e.g. issues of diversity and needed support for students in the societies, employment with the federal government, herp adventures in the field, etc. We encourage you to bring a beverage and snacks of your choice and we look forward to doing this in person with catering provided by SSAR and HL in 2022!

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