2020 HPS Virtual Workshop
Thursday, September 10th through Wednesday, October 21st, 2020
Virtual Sessions start at 2 PM EDT (1 PM CDT, 12 PM MDT, 11 AM PDT)

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Full Registration for all sessions (not including PEPs)
Time: 2 PM - 5:20 PM EDT
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  • $250.00 
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    Registration for individual sessions
    Time: 2 PM - 5:20 PM EDT
    September 29th – TUE-F: Special Session: Accelerator Section $50.00 
    October 1st – THU-G: Special Session: Rad NESHAPs $50.00 
    October 6th – TUE-H: Technical Session 2 $50.00 
    October 8th – THU-I: Special Session: Academic, Industrial, and Research Radiation Safety Section (AIRRS) Roundtable $50.00 
    October 13th – TUE-J: Special Session: Non-ionizing Radiation Section (NIR) $50.00 
    October 15th – THU-K: Special Session: American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) Therapy Patient Relese Issues $50.00 
    October 20th – TUE-L: Medical Health Physics Radiation Safety Culture $50.00 

    PEP Courses
    Time: 2 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

    If a PEP course does not appear below, it is either full or the registration deadline for that course has passed.
     $79.00 PEP 9/30 - Understanding and Using the CAP88-PC Compliance Code (D. Stuenkel et al.)
     $79.00 PEP 10/5 - Radio-Frequency Safety – What a Health Physicist Needs to Know (Gregory R. Komp)
     $79.00 PEP 10/7 - Operating Non-medical X-ray Devices – A Roller Coaster Asset (Carl Tarantino)
     $79.00 PEP 10/12 - Nonionizing Radiation: An Overview of Biological Effects and Exposure Limits (Ben Edwards)
     $79.00 PEP 10/14 - Radiation Biology for Radiation Protection in Medicine (Kathryn D. Held)
     $79.00 PEP 10/19 - Is Individualized Patient Dosimetry in Radiological Procedures Necessary? (C. Borrás)
     $79.00 PEP 10/21 - Harmony in Concepts and Units for Internal Dose Calculations for Nuclear Medicine Applications or for Protection of Radiation Workers (Mike Stabin)

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