2020 HPS Virtual Workshop
Thursday, September 10th through Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

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PEP Courses
 $79.00 PEP 9/14 - PEP-1: Response and lessons learned from a Cs-137 contamination event at the University of Washington (Phil Campbell
 $79.00 PEP 9/16 - PEP-2: Managing the scene of a radiological event: Working with emergency response agencies and emergency responders (P. Andrew Karam)
 $79.00 PEP 9/21 - PEP-3: Radiation in Flight (Joe Shonka)
 $79.00 PEP 9/23 - PEP-4: Basic Physics for Radiation Detection (Doug Van Cleef)
 $79.00 PEP 9/28 - PEP-5: Accelerator Health Physics (Elaine Marshall)
 $79.00 PEP 9/30 - PEP-6: Understanding and Using the CAP88-PC Compliance Code (D. Stuenkel et al.)
 $79.00 PEP 10/5 - PEP-7: Radio-Frequency Safety – What a Health Physicist Needs to Know (Gregory R. Komp)
 $79.00 PEP 10/7 - PEP-8: Operating Non-medical X-ray Devices – A Roller Coaster Asset (Carl Tarantino)
 $79.00 PEP 10/12 - PEP-9: Nonionizing Radiation: An Overview of Biological Effects and Exposure Limits (Ben Edwards)
 $79.00 PEP 10/14 - PEP-11: Radiation Biology for Radiation Protection in Medicine (Kathryn D. Held)
 $79.00 PEP 10/19 - PEP-10: Is Individualized Patient Dosimetry in Radiological Procedures Necessary? (C. Borrás)
 $79.00 PEP 10/21 - PEP-12: Harmony in Concepts and Units for Internal Dose Calculations for Nuclear Medicine Applications or for Protection of Radiation Workers (Mike Stabin)

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