Attendee Information and FAQs

Attendee Information

The IRPA North American Regional Congress will be presented in a hybrid format. Sessions will be conducted live either in-person or virtual, and can be watched through our virtual platform from Pathable. Pathable uses Zoom embedded in the platform as the host, and all speakers who present virtually must have Zoom downloaded on their computer. It would be helpful but not required for all attendees to have Zoom downloaded to their computer. All attendees (in-person and virtual) are encouraged to set up their profiles in Pathable. This way in-person attendees can go back and watch a session they missed or want to see again.

Setting up your Profile
You will receive an email from Pathable to create your online meeting profile. Go into the email and click on Edit Your Speaker Profile. Here you will set up your account whether you are an attendee, a presenter and/or a chair. Everyone must have an account to fully utilize the benefits of the platform. Once you are in the platform, click on Schedule, then My Schedule and you will see any sessions with which you are affiliated as a presenter or chair. If you click on your session as a presenter, and click Manage, you can add files that you want to share with all attendees (e.g., a copy of a paper, a PDF of your presentation, etc). There is also a feature here to set up a live poll that can be displayed during your presentation. Uploading documents or using the polls are simply optional features that you are welcome to use.

Setting up my personal schedule for the conference
To access the conference schedule click “Schedule” and then “Full Schedule” in the top menu. You can scroll all the way down through the days or click on a day on the top to skip to a specific day. You can also choose to view the schedule via a “Calendar View”. Items on the schedule are color coded and labeled by type and include a time (the time zone should change to your own time zone). You can search for specific schedule items via the search window in the top right. You can add any of the schedule items to your “My Schedule” by clicking on the plus sign in the main conference schedule or by clicking “Add to Schedule” within the schedule item page. Please note it may take several minutes for an item to show up in your “My Schedule”. There are also opportunities to take notes within each schedule item, simply click “Notes” and you can download them later via the Schedule main page under “Export” and then “Download Notes”. You can click on a schedule item to find more information as well as a list of attendees.

Downloading or printing my schedule
To print “My Schedule” (we do not suggest printing the full schedule) go to My Agenda (found under “Schedule” in the menu) and then click “Print Schedule” or “Print Schedule with Descriptions”. A print dialogue window opens and you can print to your printer. In order to download “My Schedule” or the entire schedule to your calendar you can choose “Export” and then one of the options. BE AWARE, these download to your calendar so you may want to create a new calendar type just for this event so your existing calendars are not affected.

Tips and Tricks

  • The virtual conference platform from Pathable can be used in Chrome, Edge and FireFox. It does not work well in Safari or Internet Explorer.
  • Updates can take a few minutes, such as adding agenda items to your "My Agenda", so give the system a few minutes and check back and refresh the page if needed
  • Once you have signed in for the first time bookmark the page for easy access
  • If the platform seems to freeze, refresh the page
  • The conference platform uses Zoom, so please download Zoom and test before the conference. Most of the schedule items will have Zoom embedded and do not require Zoom downloaded, but the following will require you to have Zoom downloaded on your device: one-on-one meetings with other attendees, the meetings and discussion forums, exhibitor booth meetings, and some workshops. The schedule items mentioned will utilize the chat feature of the conference platform (instead of in the Zoom program) so you may want to make sure you do not have your Zoom screen set to full-screen to take part in the chat discussions.
  • If you use the search function and filter it will stay filtered until you change it back or use the "x" to clear it. If you fail to change it back it may look like items are missing.


I'm having technical issues, what do I do?
Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot your technical issues:

  • Refresh the page
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Close all windows and programs not needed for the event
  • Ensure that all ad-blocking software in your browser is turned off
  • Disable all plugins
  • Likewise, ensure that any VPN you may have is disabled
  • Try an incognito window in your web browser
  • Make sure you have good internet access, are there others using your connection?
  • If a company device is being used, it may have security protocols that can interfere – if that is the case use a personal device and see if that makes a difference

If after completing the above, you are still experiencing issues - please use the support button on the right side of your screen.

Editing Your Profile

How do I edit my profile?
Login into your account in Pathable. Select “Account” in the top right corner. Then select “Edit My Profile.” From this page you can add a headshot and bio, update your contact information, and more.

How can I change my password?
Login into your account in Pathable. Under “Account” go to “Edit My Profile” there is a “Change Password” option. Select this option to change your login password. If you have forgotten your password, click “Reset Password” on the log-in screen.

How do I hide my profile from other attendees?
In your profile select “Preferences” from the top of the page. Under Privacy, check the box labeled “Hide my profile from other attendees.” Please note that this will inhibit you from networking with other SIDM attendees.

How do I see notifications?
In the top right corner of the homepage is a bell icon. If you have any new messages or other alerts, a number will appear over the bell icon notifying you of any new activity on your page.

How do I turn off email notifications?
From the Pathable homepage, navigate to “Account” then “Edit Profile.” At the top of your profile page is a “Preferences” tab. There, under the Notifications header, you will see a check box that reads “Do not send me any email.” Select that check box to turn off email notifications. Please note, this does not mean you will not receive any messages or other alerts through Pathable, but simply that you will not be notified by email of any such activity.

Creating a Personalized Agenda/Joining a Session

How do I create my personalized schedule?
From the Pathable home page, select “Schedule” then “Schedule” again from the drop-down menu. As you are reviewing this page, you will see a plus sign in the top right corner of each session tile. If a session is of interest to you, click on the plus sign and it will be added to your personal schedule.

How do I view my personal schedule?
From the Pathable home page, select “Schedule.” A drop-down menu should appear with the “My Schedule” option. Click on “My Schedule” to view all the sessions you have added to your personal schedule.

How do I export my personal schedule to my Outlook, Google, or other external calendar?
From the Pathable home page, select “Schedule” then “My Schedule.” At the top of the “My Schedule” page click on “Export” and select “My Agenda” from the drop down menu. A calendar item will be downloaded for you to then add to your Outlook, Google, or other external calendar.

How do I join a session?
From the Pathable home page, select “Schedule”, then “Full Schedule” again from the drop-down menu to navigate to the full schedule. Next, click into a session to view the session description (where applicable) and other associated session materials. Once the session begins, there will be a live button underneath the session description that will enable you to join the live session.

Will sessions be available to watch later?
All sessions will be recorded and available on the session page for attendees to access after the session’s original air date through March 31, 2022.

What is the difference between a webinar and meeting?
In a webinar, only the presenter is able to speak and be seen by participants. Attendees are able to interact with the presenter only through the chat box and polling features on the right hand side of each session page. In a meeting all participants can be seen and heard from, as such we ask that you be mindful of any background noise and choose a quiet place to log in from.

Networking/Scheduling Meetings

How do I find other attendees to network/connect with via Pathable?
From the Pathable homepage, select “People” then “Attendees.” All registrants will appear on this page, information is tailored based on individual updates and privacy settings. In the top right corner, you can search through attendees by name, company, job title, keywords, location and other criteria. In the top right corner of an attendee’s name there are three dots. Click on these three dots to view an attendee’s profile or send a direct message.

Will messages sent via Pathable also be sent to my email?
Yes, when you receive a message through Pathable you will be alerted via email that you have a new message to view. Please note if you have changed your email notification settings this will no longer be the case.

How do I view messages sent to me?
From the Pathable homepage, select the bell icon at the top of the page. This will enable you to view any alerts or messages received.