IRPA Young Scientists and Professionals Award

Purpose of the Award

The appropriate and effective use of radiation and/or radioactivity requires the education and training of qualified scientists and professionals in the field of radiation protection and safety. The purpose of this award is therefore to promote the professional development of and recognize the accomplishments made by early career scientists and professionals working in radiation protection in all its subfields.

This award is intended to recognize the work done by early career scientists and professionals to help promote interest and expertise of the new generation in the field of radiation protection in the different Regions. It also aims to encourage participation in the activities of the Associate Societies of Radiation Protection around the world, consistent with the objectives of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

YSPA Prizes

Grand Prize: $1000 + IRPA 2024 registration (donated by MJW Corp) + ICRP 2021+1 registration (donated by the ICRP)
First runner up: $500 (donated by the medical section of the HPS)
Second runner up: $250 (donated by the AIRRS section of the HPS)


Eligibility and Individual Responsibilities
To qualify for this distinction individuals are required to:

  • be in the first five years of their career or within 5 years of completion of training (e.g., terminal degree, post-doc, residency) in radiation protection which is most often under the age of 35 years
  • submit an abstract of a paper the individual is the primary author of to the congress abstract portal by October 15th 2021 ( and indicate interest in being considered for the award along with providing the Associate Society of which the individual is a member
  • be a member in good standing with one of the North American Regional Associate Societies: the Heath Physics Society, the Canadian Radiation Protection Association, or the Mexican Society of Radiation Protection
  • if selected as a nominee by their Associate Society (see nomination process):
    • submit a short paper (8 pages or less, single-spaced including figures and tables) to the Award Organizer and the individual’s Associate Society by December 15th 2021.
    • if not the sole author of the paper, obtain and submit in tandem the written consent of the other authors for the main author to be the candidate for the award
    • Register by the specified deadline, attend, and present at the North American Regional Congress (in person or online)
    • Attend the closing ceremony of the Congress (in person or online).

Nomination process and Associate Society Responsibilities
The nomination process consists of the following:

  • Following completion of abstract submission process, abstracts will be compiled and sorted for those interested in being considered for the award by their respective Associate Society.
  • These abstracts will be sent to the respective Associate Societies by November 1st 2021 with the request that at most five individuals be selected by the Board or Scientific Committee as the official nominees for this award. Associate Societies should inform those who applied of the results of the selection and forward their chosen nominee names to the Award Organizer by December 1st 2021.
  • The Associate Societies should ensure their nominees can participate in the Congress, either in person or online, and provide an oral presentation of their paper.
  • Once the nominations are received, the Organizing Committee will designate these individuals as official candidates for the award.
  • Associate Societies will review the paper(s) provided by their nominee(s) by January 15th 2022 and provide indication to nominee and to the Award Organizer only if they do NOT approve of the paper.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. Any doubt about the interpretation of these rules will be resolved by the Organizing Committee, if applicable.


A jury (i.e., panel of judges) will be appointed by January 15th 2022 such that it includes a variety of experienced professionals in radiation protection and at least one member of the IRPA Executive Council. The Jury will evaluate the written paper (e.g., rigor, impact, clarity) and oral presentation (e.g., delivery, organization, design) and provide comments/scores to the Award Organizer who will tally the scores and report the results to the Organizing Committee. Written paper evaluation should be completed and submitted prior to the start of the Congress; oral presentation evaluation should be completed and submitted immediately following the presentation being evaluated.


The award(s) will be announced and presented in the Closing Ceremony of the Regional Congress.

Points of contact

Chair of the Organizing Committee: Mike Mahathy (
Vice-Chair of the Organizing Committee: Kendall Berry (
Award Organizer: Nicole Martinez (

Timeline Summary
Abstract submission deadline October 15, 2021
Abstracts provided to respective Associate Society for evaluation November 1, 2021
Associate Society selection of nominees December 1, 2021
Papers due to Award Organizer and Associate Society December 15, 2021
Associate Society indication if paper not approved January 15, 2022
Formation of jury complete January 15, 2022
Start of Regional Congress February 20, 2022

Senior Scientist Award

Purpose of the Award

This award is given in recognition of a senior member of HPS for their service and support of this IRPA North American Regional Congress.


A certificate of appreciation and cash prize will be presented to winner, donated by HPS Past Presidents, Mike Mahathy and Charles Wilson.