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Woodrow Wilson B   08:00 - 10:00

PEP-1E.   PiMAL CT Rose*, Renaissance Code Development

Abstract: PiMAL (Phantom wIth Moving Arms and Legs) is a collection of computational human phantoms useable with MCNP® for the assessment of radiation dose to various organs in standard and nonstandard positions through the user inputted articulation of arms and legs. A phantom model, included in the GUI, enables visualization of the arms and legs as they are positioned using slider bars. An MCNP® input file is then generated and the radiation transport simulations using MCNP® are performed through the GUI. Once simulation is complete, the computed organ dose values are extracted from the MCNP® output file, displayed, and exported as an ASCII file. Training objectives This training will guide the student through the use of PiMAL from installation to simulation with emphasis on use cases, methods, materials, sources, and tallies. A detailed tutorial on a simple modeling technique will conclude the training session.

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