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PEP-2E - Utility of Modeling in Operation Health Physics

Woodrow Wilson B   10:30 - 12:30

PEP-2E.   Utility of Modeling in Operation Health Physics SW Kelley*, NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

Abstract: Health Physicists are required to make extensive use of models in their work to predict and/or estimate doses from many possible sources. Some of the parameters that require modeling include nuclide production rates, dose rates, shielding, internal doses and effluent effects. There are numerous models and software implementations of these models in use. While all of these models can be very useful, they all also have their limitations. These limitations can include incomplete or inaccurate input data, model simplifications, differences between model and real world and over conservative assumptions. This lecture will focus on the experience with models used at a high power electron accelerator nuclear medicine manufacturing facility from design phase to operation. Models to be discussed will include MCNP, RayXpert, MicroShield and others used to model nuclide production rates, accelerator vault shielding, hot cell shielding, effluent estimates and more. Model results will be compared to actual measured values, highlighting significant differences. Recommendations regarding the appropriate uses and cautions to be used when evaluating model results will be discussed.

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