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PEP-M2 - An Introduction to Nuclear Security for the Health Physicist

Woodrow Wilson B   12:15 - 02:15

PEP-M2.   An Introduction to Nuclear Security for the Health Physicist JT Harris*, Purdue University

Abstract: Health physics is an essential function in most facilities that use radioactive materials or radiation generating devices and the primary responsibility is a safety function. Over the last several years, nuclear security has become increasingly important, and the health physicist may become tasked with understanding or even implementing security measures. Still, the role of the health physicist in nuclear security matters is not clearly defined even though a fundamental understanding of radiological hazards is required for understanding the total risk to the facility and/or material. Health physicists are multi-capable scientists, engineers and systems integrators that can contribute greatly at multiple levels for effective and efficient nuclear security. The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic elements of nuclear security, with specific emphasis on prevention, detection, delay, and response. The course will also cover two key components necessary for health physics integration with security: culture and insider threat mitigation. The course format will include lecturing, case-study analysis with discussion, and a small simulation. At the end of this course the participant should have a high-level overview of nuclear security and be able to formulate ways health physics can be integrated more effectively with security.

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