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Workshop: 3D visualization and morphometrics with SlicerMorph

January 7, 2020, Noon – 3:30 PM, Room Salon 4, JW
Organizers: Murat Maga and Adam Summers

SlicerMorph is an NSF funded project to extend the functionality of the 3D-Slicer with tools that will help biologists working with 3D specimen data. Toolkit enables biologists to retrieve, visualize, measure and annotate high-resolution specimen data both from volumetric scans (CTs and MRs) as well as from 3D surface scanners effectively within 3D-Slicer. Functionalities SlicerMorph offers are: landmark-based statistical shape analysis, 3D visualization of shape deformation, ability to generate movies and more. Free and open-source nature of the project help remove the road blocks to data sharing and collaboration that commercial software impede on research. We will also cover how to do segmentation and visualization in 3D-Slicer as part of the workshop.

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