PDS Courses

Professional Development School (PDS)

Occupational Internal Dosimetry

July 26-28, 2023*

Instructors: Thomas LaBone (MJW Companies) and Dr. Charles “Gus” Potter (Sandia National Laboratories)

This is a 3-day course that gives an detailed introduction to occupational internal dosimetry. In the first day we will focus on ICRP 30, 68, and 130 biokinetics models and dosimetry schema as they relate to deriving secondary occupational dose limits (for example, ALIs and DACs). In the second day we will discuss the design and implementation of occupational internal dose monitoring programs in USNRC and USDOE regulated facilities. In the third day we will cover the heart of occupational internal dosimetry: the methods and philosophy of evaluating occupational intakes of radioactive materials. We will primarily use spreadsheets (e.g., Excel, LibreOffice) to work example intake evaluations and occasionally use R (a freely available language for statistical computing) to tackle more challenging problems. The course concludes with a workshop session where the class will have the opportunity to work example problems. No previous experience is required and only freely available software will be used.

*HPS meeting presentations for Wednesday, July 26 will be recorded and available to watch on demand.