Presentation Guidelines

Change in Speaker or Cancellation

As a courtesy to the audience, please let us know as soon as possible if there is a change in your presentation. If there is some last minute difficulty, please arrange for someone else to present your poster rather than canceling it. For changes in speaker or program prior to the meeting, please call the FAIS Secretariat, (703) 790-1745, FAX (703)790-2672 or email


Format: Your recorded talk should be 8 minutes. The required format is .mp4. Please use high quality video and audio.

  • 1. We recommend using free Zoom software to record your talk. You may also use any other software of choice (e.g., Loom or Prezi), but the instructions here relate specifically to Zoom
  • 2. Use this step-by-step video guide for recording a pre-recorded video on Zoom (9 min). Follow the instructions exactly, except, please note that we will not edit your recording. The recording you submit will be used as is. Thus, please start your recording with your slides up, screen shared, in slideshow or presenter mode.
    • Make sure your face is visible on the screen so we can see you speaking. The box with your face should be as small as Zoom allows, in the upper right corner. Make sure to leave space for that “face” window on your slides.
    • Record your video to your computer, not the cloud (it works better).
    • Do a quick test, and then view to ensure your audio, video, and pointer work and to make sure the box with your face does not obstruct your slide content.
    • When you convert your file, .mp4 is a default file type. This is the required format for submission.
    • Please change the file name of your recording to the following format: “Last name_date of presentation_first 3 words of talk title”

  • 3. Go here to upload your recording in the appropriate day:
  • 4. Cassidy Burk will be in touch with you shortly for your GoToWebinar tutorial scheduling.

At the meeting: We will play your recorded talk at the specified time. You will then go live for ~7 minutes after to answer questions. Cassidy will orient you for this process during your tutorial.


Format: Please refer to the email from for information