Abstract Submission


Deadline for Abstract Submission: MARCH 22, 2023

Presenters: if you share the work of others on social media please be sensitive to the author’s intellectual property and priority for that research. Speakers should also use the “no tweet” symbols to discourage such sharing in their presentations of posters. Presenters are solely responsible for the content of their presentations; JMIH organizers, the JMIH Societies and sponsors of the meeting aren’t responsible for the content.

PLEASE NOTE: Each presenter is allowed to give one oral paper and one poster. Each person can be on multiple (>2) titles, but can only give one oral paper and one poster. There are two exceptions: 1) When a person has been invited to participate in two symposia, the person can give two oral papers (and zero posters). 2) A person can give a presentation labeled DEI presented in a DEI-focused session in addition to any oral presentation and/or poster scheduled in other sessions in the scientific program. One person may give two oral presentations or two posters if one is DEI and one is not.

Additional Notes:

We continue to have the option of oral “lightning” talks. These are five-minute talks, 10 slides maximum, no questions from the audience following the talk. Lightning talks provide a good forum for presenting preliminary research or for putting out a call for data, feedback or collaboration.

You can edit your submission and information up to the end of abstract submission.There will be no deadline extensions.

Please avoid the use of language or visual effects that would in any way offend your colleagues. Refrain from lewd or suggestive jokes/photographs and offensive language.

Please proof your abstract carefully, as this year the abstracts will not be corrected.

If you fail to receive an email after completing your abstract submission, please check your spam filter, the message may be spammed. If you have any problems, contact Marty Crump.

*In order to present in Norfolk, all presenters, including symposia presenters, must register and pay for the meeting. Meeting registration is done through a separate online system accessed from the Registration Information page. Presenters must register by May 22, 2023.


If you wish to withdraw an abstract, request a specific date for your presentation, or make other changes, please use the link below.

JMIH 2023 Abstract Changes/Cancellations

This is the only way to make changes/withdraw.

Abstract Submission


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