Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I find the program?

The program is available here!

2. When and how can I upload my presentation?

All presenters should already have uploaded their presentations to the Pathable platform. If you are a presenter and have not uploaded your presentation, or had any difficulties, please use this google form to report your problem: SICB 2021 Problem Report Form

3. Why is my presentation scheduled for one minute in the middle of the night on January 2?

All contributed talks and posters will be available “on demand” for viewing by registered attendees from January 3rd to February 28th. To make the on demand presentations easily accessible from the meeting platform, the contributed paper and poster sessions have been programmed for 1-minute blocks on Jan 2.

4. How should I format my presentation?

Please review these guidelines, and then reach out if you have additional questions:

5. I am not a presenter. When will I receive an invitation to set up my Pathable profile?

We expect these emails to go out in the next several days.

6. What will happen during our traditional timeframe for the meeting, Jan 3-7?

Navigate our virtual meeting in much the way you would navigate our in-person meeting! Attend live-streamed symposia and plenary lectures, ask questions and provide feedback on live, moderated discussion boards, and participate in networking and social events.

7. What can I expect during the extended meeting time, January 3-February 28?

Pre-recorded contributed papers and posters will be available on-demand throughout this period, with moderated discussion boards. Each contributed paper session will also include a live, online discussion event, scheduled during the extended meeting period. Additional scientific discussions, networking, workshops, business meetings, and socializing opportunities will also take place throughout the months of January and February.

8. I come to SICB more for the networking than for the presentations. Will the virtual annual meeting have anything to offer me?

Yes! We are working hard to offer a wide variety of networking opportunities as part of the Virtual Annual Meeting. The meeting will include both society-wide and division-level socials, zoom spaces for impromptu discussions, the ability to directly message other attendees, and a way to invite others to attend or view your presentation. Watch this space for more details as our planning develops.

9. How will the discussion boards for the symposia and contributed paper sessions be moderated?

Each session and associated discussion board will be led by a session chair and supported by at least one student worker from the Charlotte Mangum program. Discussion board posts will be moderated to ensure compliance with the SICB virtual annual meeting code of conduct.

10. How will the poster sessions work?

Presenters will make a poster in pdf format and upload it during our window for presentation uploads, Dec 14-21. Presenters will also be required to upload a short audio ‘pitch’ explaining their poster (which will assist those with visual impairments). Depending on availability, it may also be possible to upload supplemental video. Poster sessions will be grouped by topic. Conference attendees will be allowed to provide feedback through text-based comments alongside the poster. An additional live interactive session will be provided, with details TBD.

11. Does the SICB 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting have an official hashtag?


12. What will it cost to register for the meeting?

Registration fees for the virtual meeting are $150 for full SICB members, $100 for postdoctoral members and $50 for student and K12 educator members. Meeting registration fees for non-members will include the cost of SICB membership, which is the same as last year. This year in an effort to increase global participation, SICB is offering special reduced rates ($80/$40/$20) for those attending from countries designated by the World Bank as low- or low/middle- income.

13. Why is SICB charging registration fees for a virtual meeting?

SICB traditionally does not profit from its annual meeting, and this year is no exception—the registration fees have been set as low as possible to cover the costs of the virtual meeting and are less than half the fees of prior SICB in-person meetings.

Your registration fees will be used to cover the costs of the online platform (which includes technology and cybersecurity needed to offer large numbers of live and on demand presentations over an extended period), to cover the costs of staffing and supporting the meeting, to support presenters and attendees as they navigate this new format, and to fund SICB’s efforts to make the meeting more accessible for students and for a more diverse group of participants through the Charlotte Mangum student support program and other initiatives.

14. Will the Charlotte Mangum student support program run this year?

Yes! The Charlotte Mangum deadline has passed, but expect to see students in the Mangum program participating in support roles during sessions and symposia, and in other ways. Participation in the Charlotte Mangum student support program for the #SICB2021 Meeting does not count against the 3 times students can be supported by the Mangum program.

15. What steps is SICB taking to protect the intellectual property of presenters?

SICB already prohibits video and audio recording of oral presentations and poster sessions without the prior written consent of presenters. Still images of presentations or posters are allowed for personal use or social media distribution unless the presenter opts out. At SICB 2021, this social media policy will be frequently and prominently displayed to all participants. Despite these measures, SICB acknowledges that the intellectual property of presenters will be more at risk during the virtual annual meeting because talks and posters will be posted online over an extended period. Keep in mind that despite SICB policies against it, it is still possible that attendees might record material with their smartphone (or any other device). SICB recommends that all participants take this into account when planning the way unpublished material is presented. Please stay tuned for more details as we finalize the virtual meeting platform and sort out the technological details.

16. What is the rationale for the 6 and 12 minute options for talks?

At our in-person meeting, contributed talks are normally 12 minutes. However, a talk length of six minutes may be more appropriate for the virtual format of this year’s meeting. Research suggests that shorter talks may maximize audience engagement in online formats. SICB’s goal is to provide maximum flexibility and choice for presenters.

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