Travel Awards

Clark Hubbs Travel Award for ASIH Students

Travel awards of $600 each ($800 for intercontinental travelers) will be awarded to help defray travel expenses to participate in the 2020 Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. A student may apply for an award in only one category (ichthyology or herpetology). The awards will be chosen by random draw. You are eligible for an ASIH travel award if:

  • You are currently a student AND a member of ASIH
  • You are presenting your research at the 2020 JMIH (oral or poster presentation)
  • You have not previously received an ASIH travel award

You are eligible for an intercontinental award if you will be traveling to the meeting from a location that will require an intercontinental flight. Students attending North American schools are eligible for an intercontinental travel award if they will be traveling to the meeting directly from a field site in another continent. If you receive a travel award, you are obligated to work four one-hour shifts at the ASIH book raffle table during the meeting. Once you have completed your shifts, you can pick up your check from the raffle coordinator.

Click HERE for the application. Applications will be due 20 May 2020. For more information contact Adania Flemming.


Ten awards of US $500 each are available to students to help defray the cost of traveling to the 2020 Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists meeting in Norfolk, VA (July 22-26). An applicant for a travel award must be a student and a current member of SSAR, must not have previously received a travel award from SSAR, and must be the first author of a paper or poster to be presented at the 2020 meeting.

The application package must include: 1) a letter signed by his/her major advisor or department chair that states that he/she is not completely funded for travel from another source and, if the research is co-authored, that the work was primarily the product of the applicant; 2) a copy of the abstract that was submitted for either poster or oral presentation.

The qualified applicants will be pooled and the winners will be drawn at random. Winning applicants must volunteer 3-5 hours during the 2020 meeting to work at the bidding table for the Silent Auction and the viewing room for the Live Auction. Students from the immediate vicinity of the JMIH, as well as current members of the SSAR Travel Awards Committee, are excluded from applying for a travel award. However, members of the student travel committee are provided funds to help defray the costs of travel to the meeting to organize and maintain the silent auction as well as coordinate volunteers. If you are a student and interested in joining the committee and serving SSAR, please contact one of the current committee members.

Award checks will be disbursed at the SSAR Business Meeting. Application materials are preferred in electronic form (either PDF or Microsoft Word) and should be sent to Ariana Rupp by 4 May 2020; however, if an electronic submission is not possible please contact Ariana Rupp to arrange the delivery of a hard copy. Hard copies sent via postal mail must be postmarked prior to 4 May 2020 to be considered; however the drawing will take place on May 7th to ensure students have an opportunity to registrar before the early bird deadline. Therefore, if you must send in your application via postal mail it is recommended that you send it earlier.

For more information, contact Ariana Rupp or Dan Paluh.

AES Student Travel Awards

Students presenting a contributed paper or poster as a first or sole author during the 2020 AES Annual Meeting are invited to apply for financial assistance to help defray travel costs. All applicants MUST be members in good standing of AES (dues paid by December 31, 2019) and in at least their second year of membership.

The maximum award will not exceed $500, and Society funds typically support only 12-15 awards per year. Funding is only awarded once per degree so please consider carefully whether to apply for funds at this time or wait to request funds for future meetings (e.g., those farther away from home institutions). When the Society is not able to fund all applicants, priority will be given to those with demonstrable financial need and completed research projects to present rather than preliminary analyses. The Committee strongly advises all students to seek out additional funding sources (e.g. grant funds, departmental funds) to attend the Annual Meeting.

To apply, email the Grant Fund Committee Chair with your completed application, compiled as a single .pdf document, including:

1. A completed application form
2. An itemized budget showing how funds will be spent
3. An abstract of the paper or poster to be presented
4. A short formal letter indicating how support will be used and why it is needed. This letter should include an indication of other funding that has been applied for and/or secured.

Completed applications must be received by 5pm EST April 15, 2020. Late applications will not be considered. If you cannot submit an electronic version of your application, please contact the Grant Committee Chair well in advance of the deadline for other options.

Submit applications to:
Steven T. Kessel
Chair, AES Grant Fund Committee