JMIH 2022 COVID-19 Safety Plan

JMIH Commitment to Safety

Creating a safe, worry-free Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists experience is our top priority. As the meeting dates approach, we are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and are reviewing updated CDC guidelines.

UPDATE: Masking is required at all indoor spaces at the JMIH conference center. Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear KN95 or N95 masks instead of cloth masks, which are largely ineffective against new variants. Speakers giving their presentation may remove their mask if they are more than 6 feet from the audience.

Reasoning for indoor masking mandate:

  • Recent models forecast the next wave of COVID-19 (from new Omicron variants) to peak in July and August. These variants are highly transmissible compared to previous variants (not yet published, read summary here).
  • Vaccination, boosting, and prior infection provide very limited protection from infection with new variants (source).
  • Spokane County, Washington community COVID-19 levels are currently classified as “HIGH” (source).

We are incorporating measures that will ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions in all environments where in-person interactions take place.

  • JMIH attendees will receive KN95 masks as part of their welcome package at the registration desk.
  • Attendees not masking at indoor spaces within the conference center will be reminded to comply by safety officers. If attendees refuse to comply, they will be asked to leave the conference center. If you are concerned about noncompliance of attendees, report your observations here by calling or texting 703-910-3442.
  • Rapid tests will be available free of charge at the registration desk for anyone experiencing symptoms. Please be aware of the high false negative rate for the latest Omicron variants, so be especially vigilant if you experience symptoms but receive a negative rapid test.

A COVID-19 line will be available for those needing assistance (e.g., delivery of a rapid test to their hotel room). 703-910-3442.

Attendees will follow best health practices identified by the CDC.

  • GET VACCINATED. If you are not vaccinated, we urge you to get vaccinated before traveling and attending the conference. If you are vaccinated, we recommend getting your booster before the meeting.
  • Monitor symptoms. If you exhibit symptoms, take a rapid test (we will have free tests available at the registration desk).
  • Wash or sanitize often.
  • Obey the posted maximum occupancy of meeting and hotel rooms and associated spaces.

Attendees who no longer wish to attend the JMIH due to masking policy may seek a refund of registration fees by filling out this form until JULY 18, 5:00 PM EDT.

What to do if you get COVID during the meeting?
If you develop symptoms, test positive, or have a close contact who does, you should not attend any further meeting events. In the event that you do need to isolate or quarantine during the conference, please inform organizers at 703-910-3442 and seek care or medical advice.


The latest information on all travel guidelines and restrictions from global and local authorities are linked below for travel planning.

  • The CDC provides recommendations for domestic and international travelers during the pandemic.
  • The Transportation Security Agency is following CDC guidance in response to COVID-19. Their website provides information applicable for all travel within the US, international travel and individual airports and travel hubs.
  • Spokane International Airport provides information for persons traveling by air to Spokane.

Plan your visit using these websites:

Information on COVID-19 in Spokane:

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subject to a 20% service charge. Cancellations must be requested using this form. Cancellation notices received by JULY 18, 5:00 PM EDT for the masking policy will be refunded total registration fees minus the 20% service charge. No refunds will be issued on cancellations received after July 18 for this reason. For questions, contact