Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines

As you make final preparations for your presentation at the ASP Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, please use the following information to prepare.


Regular oral presentations are scheduled as 25-minute presentations which includes time for you to walk to the podium, be introduced by the moderator, and initiate your computer file. Please plan your actual presentation to be completed in 22 minutes; allowing time to answer questions as these make the sessions much more interactive. Time limits will be strictly enforced.

Every session room at the meeting will be furnished with a computer and a computer projector. Computer projection slide format is 16:9 but 4:3 presentations will work fine. Please bring a copy of your presentation file on a memory stick (USB) to the session room. If you would like to give us your presentation ahead of the meeting, please submit it HERE.

Presenters are required to have their presentations available in the PowerPoint format. The following equipment will be provided in all the session rooms:

  • PC computer (not Mac) with PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat software
  • Data-video projector and screen
  • Wireless Slide Advancer
  • Podium Microphone

Speakers presenting in VIRTUAL only sessions

You will receive an email from Zoom stating that you are a panelist for the “2022 American Society for Photobiology Biennial Meeting - Virtual Track”

Look out for an email from Cassidy Burk (cburk@burkinc.com) to set up a MANDATORY practice time to run through the tech functions of the Zoom platform.

The day of your presentation, make sure to log on 15 minutes early to ensure all tech systems are working properly.

You will run the presentation from your own computer via Zoom Screen Sharing.

Questions will be asked via Zoom Q&A feature.


Please pre-record your video in Zoom or another platform of your choice. Please make sure your presentation is uploaded by Friday, September 16 HERE.

If you need any help with your recording, please reach out to Cassidy Burk (cburk@burkinc.com)

We look forward to having you be a part of the ASP Program!