Tentative Program

DNA damage repair and response

Impact of Circadian Rhythm and Aging on UV DNA Damage Responses and Photocarcinogenesis
Co-Chairs: Shobhan Gaddameedhi and Michael G. Kemp

UV-induced DNA Damage Response
Co-chairs: Masaoki Kawasumi and Mitchell Denning

UV Damage and Repair in Chromatin
Chair: John Wyrick

Photochemistry and Photobiology of Melanin Pigments
Chair: Tadeusz Sarna

Mechanism and protection of UV-induced damage and cancer

Natural Products in Prevention of Photodamage and Photocarcinogenesis
Co-chairs: Shiyong Wu and Nihal Ahmad

The Role of Redox Dysregulation in Skin Photodamage
Co-chairs: Georg Wondrak and Mauricio Baptista

Recent Advances on UV-mediated Molecular Signaling in Cancer
Co-chairs: Dae Joon Kim and Yu-Ying He

From bench to the bedside: photodynamic therapy and photomedicine for cancer and other diseases

PDT in Imaging and Cancer Therapy
Co-chairs: Tayyaba Hasan and Girgis Obaid

From Predictions to Practice: Approaches to PDT Delivery
Co-chairs: Theresa Busch and Srivalleesha Mallidi

Nanotechnology In PDT
Co-chairs: Jon Lovell, Jin Xie

ALA-PDT in Cancer Therapy
Chair: Edward Maytin

Immune Response After PDT: Molecular Mechanisms and Potentiation Strategies
Chair: Janusz M. Dabrowski

PDT and Combinations to Overcome Resistance in Cancer
Co-chairs: Imran Rizvi and Joe Huang

Photobiology and Photodamage of the eye and photoreceptors

Ocular Photobiology and Photodamage
Co-chairs: Beth Galliard, Janis Eells

Photochemistry of Photoreceptors and Photosynthetic Systems
Chair: Xiaojing Yang

Actions of Free and Bound Chromophores in Cells: From Photodamage to Optogenetics
Co-chair: Ajith Karunarathne, John Payton

Photochemistry and Photophysics

Photochemistry and Photophysics in Materials
Co-chairs: Lisa Kelly and Ryan McCulla

Photosensitized Reactions in Biomolecules and Carcinogenic Cells
Co-chairs: Carlos Crespo and Andrés Thomas

Protein Photo-oxidation: Mechanisms and Biological Consequences
Co-chairs: Mike Davies and Christian Schöneich

Metal Complexes in Phototherapy and Bioimaging
Co-chairs: Wenfang Sun and Jessica White

Photophysics: In vivo Singlet Oxygen Detection and Dosimetry
Co-chairs: Steffen Hackbarth and Gal Shafirstein

Fluorescence, Protein, Laser, and Photophysics
Chair: Laura Juszczak

General and applied photobiology

ASP-ESP 2022 Joint Symposium: New Paradigms in Photobiology
Co-chairs: Thierry Douki, Jean Krutmann


  • Akimichi Morita (Nagoya City University, Japan)
    • Selective UV spectra for the induction of regulatory T-cells.
  • Paul Barnes (New Orleans)
    • Plant responses to UV radiation in a rapidly changing climate
  • Jean Krutman (IUF Düsselfdorf, Germany)
    • DNA repair enzymes beyond NER
  • Patrick J. Rochette (Laval University, Quebec, Canada)
    • Influence of chronic UV irradiation and the dermis on DNA repair of UV-induced DNA damage
  • Thomas Rünger (Boston University, USA)
    • RNA – target and mediator of cellular responses to ultraviolet radiations
  • Thierry Douki (CEA-Grenoble, France)
    • DNA repair products as biomarkers of the genotoxicity of UV radiation
  • Thomas Haarmann-Stemmann (IUF Düsselfdorf, Germany)
    • Combination of UVA and UVB

New Photochemical Reactions for Biomaterials and Drug Delivery
Co-chairs: Martin Schnermann and Ellen Sletten

Clinical Applications of Photobiology
Co-chairs: Bernhard Ortel and Keo Soltani

Platform sessions

Events for Associate Members

Moderator: Caradee Wright
Associate Member Co-Chairs: Houston Cole and Shakeela Jabeen

  • Theresa Busch
    • “Grant Writing: Hints and Hindrance”
  • Shiyong Wu
    • “Are You Ready for Applying for a Small Business Grant?”

Associate Member Councilor Election

Keynote speakers

  • Martin Schnermann
    • “Harnessing Cyanine Chemistry for Imaging and Drug Delivery”
  • Xiaojing Yang
    • “How do Bilin-based Photoreceptors Sense Light”
  • David Lawrence
    • “Light-Triggered Drug Release from Cell-Conveyed Phototherapeutics”
  • David Sliney
    • “History of Photobiology”
  • Yu-Ying He
    • “UV radiation, DNA damage, and RNA modifications”

ESP president lecture

Amparo Faustino

Past Presidents’ Bridge-to-the-Future Symposium

Frank Gasparro and Albert Girotti

1. Introduction by Frank and Al: Previous past presidents are invited to provide brief comments thinking retrospectively.
2. 50 Year Retrospective (speakers: Frank and Al) (30 min)
3. Student Gold Medal Award Lecture (20 min). Contenders will also be mentioned.
4. Invited Lecture: Prospective: Where is Photobiology/ASP Heading in 25/50 Years? (Alec Greer)