Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The 16th International Congress of the IRPA (IRPA16) will take place during July 7-12, 2024, in Orlando, USA, with the theme “Radiation Harmonization: Standing United for Protection”. The International Congress Organizing Committee welcomes IRPA delegates and radiation safety professionals from around the world to come and share their knowledge and practices in radiation protection.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically through the abstract portal (link available 7/1/23) by 1 October 2023. Abstracts submitted via e-mail, fax, or surface mail will neither be accepted nor acknowledged. Submitted abstracts can be revised through the portal during the abstract submission period. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and assigned to appropriate sessions. Notification on acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by email on 1 February 2024 for oral presentation and 1 March 2024 for poster presentation. The conference will be held in English.

You are invited to contribute papers in one or more of the Main Areas (MA) listed below. Before preparing and submitting abstracts, please review the MAs you are interested in and learn about the scope of each MA and the topics it covers.

Please consider the following special notes:

  • Ethics as an overarching topic is relevant to many MAs, ranging from ethical foundations to the applications in specific areas of radiation protection (e.g., medicine, environment, emergency);
  • Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) is fully integrated in the program and covered under various MAs, with MA8 addressing only practical applications;
  • Abstracts on experience gained and lessons learned from preparedness for and responses to emerging diseases and from managing radiation protection in the context of geopolitical conflicts are encouraged, under relevant and appropriate MAs.

Abstract Submittal Form

Submit an Abstract

Minor editing (punctuation and grammar) may be performed on your abstract; you will not see a revised version before publication. If you experience problems or it is not possible to submit your abstract electronically, please contact the Secretariat at 703-790-1745 (or fax 703-790-2672) for further instructions.

A submitted abstract is a commitment to present; cancellations should be avoided. All presenters must register and pay for the meeting by May 2024 to be included in the final program. If extenuating circumstances prevent the presenting author from making the presentation, it is the author's responsibility to find an alternate presenter. Presenters who submit more than one oral abstract and cancel should find alternate presenters; otherwise, you may be limited to one abstract for future meetings.