IRPA Travel Support

IRPA Travel Support

The International Congress Support Committee (ICSC) is responsible for soliciting and distributing financial support for the participation of students and young professionals from developing countries as well as participants from countries not currently associated with IRPA. Financial support is obtained from the Montreal Fund and solicitation from international organizations.

The Chair of the IRPA 16 ICSC is Brent Rogers.

The requirements and criteria used for determining funding is as follows:

  • The applicant shall be in a position to be funded directly through the IRPA/ICSC as opposed to through a government or employer;
  • Applicant shall have at least one abstract accepted for presentation or poster at IRPA16;
  • Applicant is 35 or under at the time of the Congress, and has fewer than 10 years of working experience in the radiation protection field;
  • Awardee shall attend IRPA16 preferably in person, dependent on international travel limitations at that time, but allowances made should these limitations become enacted; and
  • Awardee submits a report to IRPA 16 on how they will share their learnings from the Congress with others in their home region.

Selection Criteria – (in order of preference):

  • Applicant is from a developing country;
  • Applicant has access to supplementary funds;
  • Applicant’s attendance likely provides a benefit to radiation protection in their home area; and
  • Applicant has not attended a previous IRPA Congress;

Funding requests that comply with the criteria listed above can be directed to the ICSC at