No Car? No Problem! Orlando and Rosen Shingle Creek both offer several options for transportation!

Mass Transit Lines
Mass transit prices depend on the individual rides itself, on the website it will map out the rides and listed the link for the map. A single ride is $2.00 USD, an all-day fare is $4.50 USD, and a seven-day pass is $16.00 USD.

Mears Shuttle
Round trip tickets from the airport are $32 USD per person and one-way tickets are $22 USD. Mears prefers that you call at least 24 hours in advance at (407) 423-5566 to make an appointment for the return trip to MCO and they will only schedule their pickups 3 hours in advance from your flight’s take off time, no exceptions.

Disney Transportation
At this time the Rosen Shingle Creek does not have a shuttle to the Disney parks, but they can be reached by Uber & Lyft or a local taxi service.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios and Rosen Shingle Creek offer a complementary shuttle. The onsite Universal representative prefers that you make reservations 24 hours in advance but at long as you call in the morning at ext. 3717351, then you should be fine.
• AM Departures to Universal from Shingle Creek: 7:20, 8:20, 9:25, 10:40am
• PM Departures to Universal from Shingle Creek: 5:55, 7:30, 8:30pm
• Returns to Shingle Creek from Universal (Spot 49/51): 5:20, 6:55, 7:55, 9:00, 9:45, 11:00pm, 12:15am

SeaWorld Transportation
While SeaWorld does have a direct shuttle but not directly from Shingle Creek atendees can first catch a ride on the Universal shuttle to Universal, then, get on the SeaWorld bus. The reverse route applies for the return. To maximize efficiency, Rosen Shingle representatives recommend a cab or UBER/LYFT.
• Departs at 9:45am and returns at 6:45pm in Spot 49

Lyft & Uber
Prices change daily based on the time of day, how busy they are with rides, and how many drivers they have in the area. Regardless this is often the cheapest option for most people, especially considering how they charge for the car not per person. $25 USD on average to or from the airport.

Star Taxi
(Star is the exclusive taxi provider at Rosen Shingle Cheek)
From MCO to Shingle Creek is $60 USD for the car, from Shingle Creek to MCO it is $46 USD.


The warm weather in Orlando during July is typically between 24 and 33 (°C). While there can be strings of dry days, expect brief afternoon showers to help cool off the area.